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Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Friendly Patios in Ottawa?
Yes, after the passing of Ontario's "Better for People, Smarter for Business" act, introduced in 2019, dogs were officially allowed in outdoors seating areas like restaurant patios, and in indoor eating areas where low risk foods (like beer, wine, and cider) are served.
What if food is being prepared in an outdoor eating area?
Even for outdoor eating areas, if there's food being prepared, then dogs aren't allowed to be present.
Are dogs allowed inside Ottawa eateries?
Dogs are only allowed inside eateries if low-risk food items are served. These include spirits, cider, beer, wine, ready-to-eat items, pre-packaged foods, and so on.
Can restaurant owners overrule and prohibit dogs from being on patios?
Yes, the final say for a restaurant's dog friendliness is up to the restaurant owner.
Is the restaurant information accurate here?
Since restaurant policies change all the time, there's no guarantee that the information here is up to date. Therefore, it's recommended to contact any restaurants to confirm that their policy still allows dog friendliness.
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