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Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs officially allowed on patios in Vancouver?
Unfortunately, dogs actually aren't officially allowed on restaurant patios in Vancouver, or in British Columbia as a whole. The decision to legalize pup-friendly patios lies in the hands of the provincial health authorities, and, unlike Alberta, Ontario, and Nova Scotia, British Columbia hasn't formally allowed dog owners to bring their pets along with them to their patio table. With that being said, the reality is that many restaurant owners are willing to bend the rules, and those are the restaurants which have been attempted to be collected here.
How can I expect it will be to bring my dog to the patio?
Ideally, your preferred restaurant will be open to bending the rules, allowing your dog to lie down next to your feet on the patio table. With that being said, with provincial laws being what they are, restaurants in Vancouver might not actually allow you to bring your dog with you to your patio table; instead, worst case scenario your dog will have to be hitched along the fence posts, lining the perimeter of the restaurant patio. For that reason, it's best to call ahead to find out how dog-friendly the restaurant actually is.
What dog supplies should I bring with me to the patio?
Basic supplies to bring to the patio include waste bags, food and water bowls, extra kibble, treats, and possibly a blanket. Of course, you'll also want to bring your dog's leash and collar.
Is the restaurant information on this page accurate?
While we've done our best to ensure the information here is accurate, it's certainly not perfect and restaurant policies are constantly changing. Please call ahead to your preferred restaurants to confirm their dog-friendliness and any other rules they may have.
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