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Bon A-Pet-Treat!

This pet store and bakery makes any dog treat you can think of: Cakes, cookies, and frozen "ice cream"! Their cakes come in unique flavours like chicken pot pie and peanut butter cup which are sure to make your dog drool at the first smell. But, that's not all that this bakery offers...something you probably weren't expecting was barkuterie boards- it's charcuterie but for your pup! Now, you can enjoy your cheese and wine while your pup dives into dried meats and healthy vegetable "crackers"!

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Cheddar Dogs

The origin of Cheddar dogs is just as captivating as the treats they carry! The owner, Danielle Schule understands more than most, the importance of nutritious dog treats after her own pup named Fez was diagnosed with meningitis just over 11 years ago. The meningitis caused Fez to develop new allergies which forced Danielle to make homeade food and treats that contained a higher density of nutrition. Now, Cheddar dogs has grown into a popular spot for unique and healthy dog treats. From doggy pizza and hot dogs, to animal crackers and cheeseburger cakes, you'll be sure to find something extra special for your pooch!

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Fetch Cakes

We've listed some great larger chain bakeries, but we can't forget about the small businesses out there! Fetch Cakes offers cakes, cupcakes and cookies with flavours that have all been tested and approved by co-owner Otto, the wirehaired pointing griffon! Ready to order for any occasion, all baked goods are made with love and healthy ingredients for your furry companion.

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The Bone and Biscuit

Bone and Biscuit currently has 60 locations across Canada with 3 locations within SE Calgary! They specialize in high-quality cookies and cupcakes that are so realistic, they can easily be mistaken for yummy human treats! Offering a wide selection of pet supply products, Bone and Biscuit is a one-stop shop for all of your dog's needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request customized baked goods for my dog?
It's certainly worth calling a few different dog bakeries to see if they can create your custom cake. By gathering a couple quotes, you'll be able to make the most cost-effective decision for yourself and your dog.
Are baked goods safe for my dog?
All dogs and all dog bakeries are different, so it's tough to make any blanket statements. Feel free to ask your local dog bakery's owner about the ingredients use, perhaps cross-checking that with your vet. You can plan to introduce small amounts of baked goods into your pup's diet to safely see if it's compatible with your pup's system.
How much baked treats can I feed my dog each day?
Similar to human bakery treats, it's likely that dog bakery treats aren't as nutritious as your pup's normal wet or dry foods. For that reason, moderation is probably the best option for your pocketbook and your pup's waistline!
Is the information in this guide accurate?
It's unfortunately not possible to guarantee this guide's information is error-free. For that reason, it's suggested to call your preferred dog bakery ahead of time to ensure they might have what you're looking for.
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