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Big Dog Little Dog Bakery

This bakery makes nutrient packed treats with recipes that are pawfect for dogs who are picky eaters or deal with food sensitivies! With flavours like "Scrumptious beef liver" and "Turkey Spinach" it'll be next to impawsible for your dog to resist! No to mention, the detailed designs are so instragram worthy you might get jealous that these treats aren't for you!

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Dante's Doggy Delights

If you're looking for the most over the top, extravagent doggy treats, then you've found the pawfect bakery for you! This mom & pup shop specializes in gourmet treats that are free of preservatives, soy, and corn. If you've fallen in love with the designs but are located outside of Vancouver, you're in luck because they offer shipping throughout Canada and the US! To ensure the highest quality, all recipes are tested and approved by dante himself to ensure his fellow pups are served the tastiest goodies possible!

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SpoiledPups Bakehouse

Just like the name suggest, this bakery makes the ultimate treats for spoiled pups! From sprinkled donuts and cakes to colourful cupcakes and ice cream, this place has got it all! Their best selling bakery item is a multi layer cake that they fill homemade treats that pour out when the cake is cut- talk about a pawsome surprise!

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The Great Canadian Dog Cakes

Don't be fooled by the photos-unless you enjoy minced meat in your cakes these beautifully designed treats are made for our furry friends! From the icing all the way down to the cake itself, each ingredient is locally sourced and naturally flavoured! At this bakery, the vibrant colouring comes form the juice of certain vegetables like beets to achieve the same effect as frosted icing!

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Three Dog Bakery

Don't worry, we had to do a double take of these treats as well! This bakery makes unique treats that are so realistic, you'll think they were made for human consumption! Tacos, pizza and burgers are just some of the tastey treats that Three Dog Bakery has made into replica dog safe treats. If you're looking for something extra special for an occasion, they also make personalized celebration cakes, pupcakes and cookies that are just as equally pawesome!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Would these bakeries make customizable cakes for my dog?
If you'd like any customizations to your baked goods, it's worth calling and asking your bakery of choice. By asking for a couple different quotes, you could probably get what you're looking for without much difficulty.
Are baked goods safe for my dog?
All dogs and bakeries are different so it's really hard to make a 'catch-all' statement. Chances are, your local dog bakery owner is fairly experienced with ingredients, so you can have a chat to learn more. Also, you can bring those ingredients to your vet and ask if they might pose any sort of issue. Introducing small amounts of new baked goods into your dog's diet, you'll gain a safer sense of how compatible the food is to your dog's system.
How much baked goods can I feed my dog per day?
In all likelihood, dog bakery treats aren't as nutritious as your pup's normal dry or wet food. For that reason, moderation is probably a good choice for your pup's health and your pocketbook!
Is the information in this guide accurate?
It's unfortunately not possible to guarantee all the information here is without error. For that reason, it's suggested to call ahead to ensure your preferred dog bakery will have what you need.
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